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Browns Fashion is a long-standing, historic fashion department store in London with a strong reputation for pushing the boundaries of high-end retail fashion as part of the Farfetch Group. T H E U N S E E N were commissioned to create the design concept and develop a bespoke, colour changing sculpture for their Christmas 2016 stores. The result was Evolution, a new edition to our PHNX collection.

 We developed the concept with Browns Fashion around Evolution and the parallels across nature, fashion and culture – converging in response to changes in society, identify, cultural movements and advances in science and technology. Within 3 weeks, T H E U N S E E N designed and created the new winged sculpture, developed a temperature sensitive black to white colour ink applied to the feathers.

“Your Magick was exactly what we needed to celebrate the evolution of Browns Fashio."

JOANNA GALANIS | Visual Merchandising Director | Browns Fashion