E I G H T S E N S E, the cleverer cousin of the AIR trio is a coded couture piece, fashioned from materials that are remotely respondent to real-time digital data through pattern shift and colour change – controlled via a mobile application built in collaboration with augmented reality experts, Holition.

 An unseen force or “Aura” is outwardly emitted from every human as electromagnetic energy, these wavelengths have been coded through colour. We investigated this invisible energy field by using a physical garment that reads human magnetism coupled with the capture of electroencephalogram (EEG) data. These biosignals are translated visually through the sculpture with the use of colour and pattern. For instance, red portrays anger, nerves and anxiety, whereas, green reflects teaching, sociality and people.

 Supported by the British Fashion Council, together with an award from Innovation UK’s Technology Strategy Board.

Behind this seemingly magical technology was some seriously impressive science”

INNOVATE UK | UK Government