T H E U N S E E N were approached by the Colour, Material and Finishing Team of a technology start-up company specialising in autonomous driving to help answer the key question of when autonomous driving is the norm in society how will vehicles communicate to both their passengers and the environment around them and how can the use of colour facilitate such communication.

During a period of 1 week, T H E U N S E E N team collaborated with the client in their design facility in LA, America to ideate and incorporate ways of utilising our colour change technology into elements of both concept and production vehicles to create an innovative product resulting in a truly unique and differentiated experience for the client’s consumer.

The output resulted in synthesising initial brainstorming into three key concepts (containing ideas such as invisible interfaces to adaptive indicators that shift exterior or interior colour depending on driver mode). These design concepts and associated materials were presented back to the Head of Design and resulted in approval to proceed with into R&D and prototyping.