“ W E  C H A N G E  T H E  WAY  T H E  W O R L D  U S E S  C O L O U R

                             -Giving data a voice to improve lives.


We believe that technology should be “magick” – it should naturally interact with humans and the environment in non-evasive ways, it should break the rules, it should challenge perceptions. 

Our inks react to triggers such as heat, pollution, moisture, friction, electrics, chemicals or pressure – and the changes can be subtle or substantial, reversible or irreversible, single or multiple colours, rapid or slow. The applications are almost infinite.

Founded by Alchemist and Creative Director, Lauren Bowker, T H E U N S E E N is a consultancy materials innovation lab and product development studio comprising of talent across design, science and technology. Our team consists of chemists and engineers, to textile designers and commercial strategists.


| O U R  L E A D E R S H I P |

L A U R E N  B O W K E R | Founder, Alchemist and Creative Director


Having graduated from the Manchester School of Art with the award winning pollution sensing compound PdCl2, Lauren went on to study printed textiles at the Royal College of Art London, creating several additional colour change inks and compounds.

She received numerous significant awards and acknowledgements, such as the Hclub100 creative entrepreneur of the year, British Fashion Council and the TSB winner of digital innovation in fashion and the WGSN 2016 future award for innovation.

Lauren was recently nominated for the fashion is GREAT global campaign award by the British Government and the British Fashion Council being invited to Ten Downing Street in the process. She is a TED fellow, sits on the Board for the European Council for the Internet of Things and is part of Creative Review’s UK Creative Leaders 50, 2016.


R I C H A R D  O L I V E R | CEO

Richard joined the T H E U N S E E N from Accenture Strategy where he worked as a Project Manager, leading global, multi-disciplinary teams of management consultants focused on merger and acquisition, corporate strategy and technology strategy projects for FTSE 100 corporations and private equity firms across industries such as investment and retail banking, technology, consumer goods and industrial.

His experience ranges from defining and executing strategy, structuring and re-structuring organisations, developing business operating models, implementation cost optimisation and commercially assessing in-organic acquisition options.

Prior to his career in management consulting, Richard worked for an early growth stage technology start-up, providing software-as-a-service solutions to local government and healthcare organisations – he worked across sales, marketing and operations in various roles.