T H E U N S E E N collaborated with the iconic UK department store to launch a luxury collection of accessories which change colour in response to touch, heat, light, wind and air pressure. The collection includes a heat reactive scarf that responds differently depending on the section of the body, a wallet and phone case covered in touch-sensitive formulas that respond to the wearer’s circulation, and a leather backpack that changes colour in response to heat, light, shade and changes in air pressure.


For example, the scarf has 5 bespoke formulas hand-painted within each devoréd section – we observed how different sections of the body react to specific material and coded each formula to respond to areas like the neck and head, causing deeper colours to flourish around the face then around the body, giving the user a sense of movement as they wrap the scarf around them in different positions.

“T H E U N S E E N vision and craftsmanship really captured our imagination”

SEBASTIAN MANES | Buying Director | Selfridges