T H E U N S E E N headpiece for Swarovski Gemstones is embellished with over 4000 Black Spinel gemstones, which are extremely sensitive to heat and change colour in response to the wearer’s brain activity. The hidden properties of the gemstone, together with emerging future technologies provides a glimpse into the bespoke relationship between the gemstone and the world of material science.


Each gemstone was coated in a temperature sensitive, 6 formula colour change ink which results in the visualisation of emotions such as excitement, nerves and fear – all producing different colours, and quicker shifts in emotion create more dramatic patterns.

“T H E U N S E E N’s professional and scenographic interaction engaged Swarovski’s customers in a newly explored phenomenal world that unescapably challenges the future of jewellery creation. You tied together both science and jewellery world’s beautifully, extracting inspiration from both nature and smart materials.”

WILLIAM GUST | Managing Director | Swarovski Gemstones