The Lost Explorer is a multi-category modern adventure lifestyle company that’s focused on building and empowering a community who share a common desire to live curiously. Together with The Lost Explorer, T H E U N S E E N have created an intelligent t-shirt that foresees pollution in the water around us and aims to raise global awareness of the dangers of water pollution.


Using a natural dye developed by T H E U N S E E N, The Lost Explorer organic t-shirt is transformed into a neutral, pH indicating t-shirt, which initially results in a deep purple colour. As the consumer explores in their t-shirt and washes it or exposures it to moisture in different parts of the world, the t-shirt will change colour to reveal the associated pH level and visually provide an indicator of the level of water pollution.

“T H E U N S E E N addresses some of the world’s most complex issues with ‘magick’ and clarity”

DAVID DE ROTHSCHILD | Environmentalist | Founder of The Lost Explorer