T H E U N S E E N collaborated with the world’s first commercial space line to conceptualise, design and develop an intelligent patch for the astronaut suit that the very first pilots and passengers will wear to travel into space.


Rapidly, within three weeks, we designed and developed the futuristic patches with a bespoke, 7 ink formula that changes colour depending on the atmospheric temperatures of earth and outer space – the patch remains dormant until the suit is worn, at which point the patch is activated through body and wind temperatures of the Mojave Desert, the patch becomes engaged and changes colour as the astronaut travels through outer space. At exospheric temperatures, the patch turns blue and the colour sets permanently – creating a true “badge of honour” and lasting experience.

“Your ethos of marrying science and design to create magical experiences and change the world for good is exactly what Virgin Galactic is all about. With so many companies focusing on our world of today, it is fundamentally important that some focus on developing the world of tomorrow.”

TOM WESTRAY | Design and Brand Manager | Virgin Galactic